Sunday, July 2, 2017

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The Hibiscus Collection:

This design features a new interpretation of the Hibiscus that flowers in sunny Singapore, and many species are on show in the famed Botanic Gardens and the Gardens by the Bay.

While visitors marvel at the beauty and glamour of orchids grown here, it is the native Hibiscus that occupies a special pride of place in local culture as the “Bunga Raya” or “Flower of Celebration”.

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The Vanda Miss Joaquim Collection:

This design is inspired by Singapore’s national flower – the Vanda Miss Joaquim, a hybrid orchid crossbred by Singapore-born Armenian horticulturist Agnes Joaquim in the 1800s. 

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Chai Tau Kueh T-Shirt:

Singapore Street Food Series
It is the breakfast of champions in Singapore, especially relished by our gold medal champ. Locals and visitors alike queue for the best Chai Tau Kueh in town. They wolf down plates of this savoury ‘carrot’ cake fried with eggs, seasoned with garlic and sweet black sauce, and garnished with spring onion. Let all the world know you too love it with this stylish T.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Shanghai Dongchang Riverside Greenland

Shanghai Dongchang Riverside Greenland is located on the east bank of the Huangpu River along Binjiang Avenue in Pudong. It occupies the site of a disused coal processing plant called the “elevated coal corridor”. In converting the industrial site into a recreational green space, selected bits of the original structures were preserved, adding a nostalgic charm to the area. 

This park is part of a picturesque riverbank redevelopment that stretches for several kilometres and dotted with remnants of shipyard cranes, anchors, bollards and other icons of its maritime past.

This anchor is one of several objects salvaged and preserved as monuments to the site’s coal industry past. In the distance is the business district dominated by the new Shanghai Tower, at 632m the second tallest building in the world.

A grapple bucket pays homage to the days when it grabbed coal from the holds of a barge onto the conveyer belt that ferries it into the factory.

Stilts are all that remain, silent testimony to their supporting role in days gone by.

This service road run the length of the park and shared by pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles delivering supplies to the refreshment outlets.

Residential skyscrapers overlook the well manicured grounds. Several will have lost their river view to newer projects closer to the green belt.

Another row of luxury apartments with prized river views over the park. In the foreground are steps of the old factory and the stub of a chimney.

A galleon-shaped vessel awaits boarding for a night cruise that captures the romance of the past.

Boats, barges, ferries and coastal ships stream up and down and across the Huangpu River passing beneath several bridges that link the new Pudong district to the old Shanghai city with its historic Bund and quaint Old Walled City.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Check out an update of my vanity project

Chapter 17 of "Nanyang" a graphic novel is posted. 

This chapter dwells on a character’s descent into crime after he lost his wife in a game of dice, and is now initiated into a sworn brotherhood, the Heaven and Earth Society, helmed by the head medium of the Temple of Heavenly Bliss.

Read from the beginning at  

Preview frame:

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ferry Across the Huangpu River, Shanghai

The Huangpu River cuts across Shanghai city, dividing it neatly into two. The western sector or Puxi is home to the old walled city and most of the historical tourist attractions. The eastern sector Pudong is a recent development of the last few decades and is the new business district boasting many awesome glass and steel towers.

On a typical day, thousands of commuters and tourists cross the river by bridge, tunnel or the humble ferry. There are several crossing points and this is located along a riverside garden on the Pudong side. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Shanghai River Mall at the former World Expo site

The Shanghai River Mall is located in the former 2010 World Expo site on the banks of the Huangpu River across the road from the China Art Museum, formerly the China Pavilion. The building is a good kilometre long and topped by its huge membrane roof pierced by six trumpet-shaped steel and glass structures that funnel direct sunlight through all levels of the sun atria down to the basement.

There are four levels in the mall, each divided into five thematic zones, and a top tier under the roof canopy, providing a staggering 330,000 square metres of shopping, dining, cultural and entertainment experience, making it the largest mall in Shanghai. To facilitate visitor movement, there is a tram service from end to end on the top level. Here too are reflective pools, a plant maze, evening light shows and other attractions.

The River Mall is accessible via the China Art Museum metro station and is the perfect base from which to explore the many repurposed pavilions of the former expo which include the Mercedes-Benz Arena, the China Art Museum, and the Exhibition & Convention Centre where trade and industrial events are held, in particular, the glitzy Shanghai Auto Show. 

The distinctive membrane roof with trumpet-shaped sun atria of the River Mall covers the entire length of the building of about one kilometre. 
The entrance from the metro station side features a leafy green facade in keeping with the eco theme of the mall.

Ceiling motif of the lobby connecting to the metro station suggests woven bamboo, another eco touch.

Sharks, stingrays, starfish, shells and other sea creatures lend a marine feel in this atrium.

Based on the flow concept of the mall layout, there are kilometres of footwork to cover for the intrepid shopper.

Life size Iron Man figure grabs your attention outside a toy outlet.

Take a breather on the bench amidst playful clown fish in this sun atrium.

Pitstop at this dessert shop to restore your flagging energy level, or check into the many cafes and restaurants for more substantial options.

Rendezvous with this charming lady and take a souvenir selfie with her.

Palm trees and water features grace this atrium.

Colourful toucans highlight the tropical theme in this zone.

Towering steel and glass structure funnels sunlight down the sun atrium.

The China Art Museum housed in the imposing inverted pyramid across the road is an attraction not to be missed.

A Parisian display is one of several attractions on the top deck.

This orca whale is a sure hit with kids.

The immense membrane roof that stretches from one end of the mall to the other is just awesome.

Massive stairs and escalators cascade down to the basement floor on the far side of this sun atrium.

Monday, August 3, 2015

China Art Museum, Shanghai

The China Art Museum, Shanghai is housed in the former China Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo. The architecture of the colossal inverted pyramid-shaped building is inspired by Chinese corbel bracket and ancient bronze sacrificial vessels. Soaring 70 metres into the sky, it covers 166,000 square metres with 64,000 square metres of display area for its collection of some 14,000 masterpieces showcasing modern and contemporary art of China.

This is also home to the Animated Scroll, a gigantic multi-media projection of the famed painting “Along the River during Qingming Festival” capturing a day in bustling riverside town Bianjing (modern day Kaifeng) during the Northern Song Dynasty. (Read more in another post on this site). 

There are 27 galleries, several of which are devoted to permanent exhibits tracing the history of Chinese modern and contemporary art, masterworks of star painters and sculptors, and 21st century Chinese art. Other halls are used for staging themed events by local and foreign artists, as well as art treasures from overseas museums. 

Other facilities include a theatre, a conference hall and a library providing year-round buzz for the art community. In addition, visitors can refresh themselves in the cafes or pick up some art books and souvenirs in the other outlets.  

Note: Images of paintings are rendered without digital effects. 

The massive staircase that counterbalances the towering museum building can be challenging for some visitors. Fortunately it’s a breeze riding up escalator on the side.
Entering the bowels of the gargantuan museum. Give yourself a half day if you want to really pour over the works.

At the railway station.

Meeting of great powers. 
Handshake of Nixon and Zhou Englai before their historic pow wow.

Heroic paintings of the people’s struggle.

East meets west in Chinese brush technique and American abstract expressionism.

This gallery “Special Collection of Masterworks” pays tribute to seven patriarchs of the “Shanghai school” and their diversity of styles including the fusion of east and west.

Family outing with that ubiquitous camera.

A serene Soong Qing Ling, wife of Dr Sun Yat-sen, founding father of the Republic of China that swept away the Qing Dynasty. She was highly revered for her devotion to the motherland even after the Communist revolution, for which she was awarded the title of Honorary President of the People’s Republic of China in 1981.

Art goes pop in this wirework creation.

Colourful modernist sculptures in a courtyard.

Sculptures of migrant workers staring blankly into an uncertain future.

Is she real? Meet this affable farmer with her produce near the exit.